CROP Walk 2021

Yellow rectangle with an orange border and a blue footprint. Blue text reads, "Ending Hunger One Step at a Time / Crop Hunger Walk."

It’s CROP Walk time! Last year, we suggested that each of you consider going on individual or small group walks to raise money for the hunger and development programs of Church World Service. Maybe this year that still seems like what you’d like to do.

Or you can join in the group walk on October 10—outdoors only, and still socially distanced. We’ll meet on the lawn of South Avenue Methodist Church in Wilkinsburg at 2:00.

We already have a stalwart team and welcome you to join as well!

Sign up online for the Sixth Church team or donate to the team:

Check out the Walk’s Facebook page (you don’t have to be on Facebook to view it):

If you would like a paper envelope to keep donations, please contact the church office, and Amy will mail it to you. Envelopes with contributions can be returned to the church.

CROP Walk continues to meet needs that are urgent. Communities around the world are suffering terribly due to COVID-19, so your support of CWS is needed now more than ever. The annual Pittsburgh East CROP Hunger Walk benefits hunger programs at home and abroad, with 75% of the proceeds going to the hunger and development programs of CWS and 25% remaining in Pittsburgh for programs to feed those in need. 

Learn more about the important work of CWS:

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