Adult Education / Justice Presentations

Dr. Rachel Kranson, “Jews and Abortion: Traditions, History, and Values” / November 22, 2020

Video: Rachel Kranson

Vincent Kolb: Spiritual Resources for Coping: Without Buddha, I Could Not Be a Christian by Paul Kittner / November 1, 8, and 15, 2020

Pastor Vincent leads a three-part discussion of Paul Kittner’s landmark work. In a time of multiple crises, we need as many spiritual resources at our side as possible. With Kittner’s book as a guide, we talked about how our experience of other spiritualities has informed our own and helped us to thrive. 

Video: Vincent Kolb with Diana Wood (part one)
Video: Vincent Kolb with Kate Davoli (part two)
Video: Vincent Kolb (part three)

Wilson Juring: “Free People Strike” / October 25, 2020

Wilson Juring was injured in the altercation between Pittsburgh Police and demonstrators in East Liberty on June 1. He is now a plaintiff in the suit being brought against law enforcement for what happened when public safety employees fired tear gas and rubber bullets on the crowd. That experience led him to work for the Free People Strike, a statewide movement to free as many of the 45,000 prisoners in PA who are locked up in close quarters in the middle of the pandemic. Juring shares his personal story, the work of Free People Strike, and how we can join the movement.

Video: Wilson Juring

Rev. Karen Rohrer, “Sustaining Grace: Innovative Ecosystems for New Faith Communities” / October 11, 2020

In this book, written in collaboration with Dr. Scott Hagley and Rev. Michael Gehrling, a number of innovative voices in the 1001 Worshipping Communities movement ask the question, “How can we imagine new ways to sustain our faithful work in churches, especially in a season of so much institutional vulnerability?” Rohrer leads a conversation about this groundbreaking book.

Video: Karen Rohrer

Michael Schroering: “The Rationale for Single Payer Health Care” / September 13, 2020

Health care continues to be a significant issue in our country and will continue to be so in the future. Retired physician, Dr. Michael Schroering, has been an advocate for single payer health care for three decades and discusses his experience.

Video: Michael Schroering

David Harris: A City Divided / July 26, 2020

A sobering presentation, looking backward and forward into the future, pondering the challenges of Public Safety in our time.

Hosted by Sixth Presbyterian Church, Temple Sinai, and PIIN

Video: David Harris