Household Helpers: FAQs

What sorts of tasks are included?
The short answer is, Just about anything. We’ve developed a starter list of tasks that include things like replacing smoke detector batteries, taking down or putting up holiday decorations, providing a ride, providing a meal, helping in the garden, spring cleaning, helping with shopping. You get the idea. If your need is not on our list, please feel free to suggest it.

Are there other rules about the requested tasks?
• Safety is the number one concern.
• Requests should be of a non-urgent nature
• Requests should not require special training on the part of the helper.
• Requests should should be mostly one-off, but recurring requests will be considered.

Who can participate?
We hope many people will participate in Household Helpers from both perspectives — meaning possibly that there are some tasks you could use help with and other tasks you’d be willing to do for someone else.

May youth be Helpers?
Youth may participate if under the supervision of an adult.

Is money involved?
The service is free; the Helper will not be paid. If there are expenses for the task (e.g., cleaning supplies, rental of equipment), those will be assumed by the requester.