As witnesses to Christ’s call to seek justice and bring compassion into the world, members and friends of Sixth Church participate in a variety of outreach efforts. Some of these organizations are strictly local while others have local offices with international impact. Click here for information about organizations we support.

Members of Sixth Presbyterian joined in the Pittsburgh Climate March on April 29, 2017

Members of Sixth Presbyterian joined in the Pittsburgh Climate March on April 29, 2017


We embrace the Peacemaking efforts of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Our congregational contributions this year supported three important programs:

Justice and Advocacy


Sixth Presbyterian is a member of the Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network (PIIN []), an ecumenical and interfaith organization comprising 40 congregations from Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and Islamic faith traditions.

PIIN has three major task forces —

  • Public Safety Task Force seeks to ensure that our communities have positive relationships with our police.
  • Public Education Task Force fights for a public education system that is fully funded and provides a high-quality education for every public-school student.
  • Ratepayer Justice Task Force has worked with its partner, Clean Rivers Campaign, to urge a less-costly, green-first approach to solving the upgrade to our sewage system.  These upgrades threaten to raise rates disproportionately on households least able to afford them.

Recently, PIIN has also launched Sacred Conversations on Race + Action, a series of congregation-based discussions designed to provide a safe space to discuss race and racism in our country and in our communities.

Taking Care of our Earth


CLICK HERE for the latest update on our Earth Care activities. 

We want to be better stewards of the earth, and we have become certified as a Presbyterian Earth Care congregation. We examine regularly ways of incorporating sustainable behavior at every level of our communal life, running our building and our programs. The challenges and guidelines for this self-examination come from Presbyterian Earth Care [], a separate non-profit organization operating alongside the Presbyterian Church (USA).