Household Helpers

IMG_3293Household Helpers, a service facilitated by the Deacons, is a new twist on the old practice of neighbor helping neighbor, something we’ve done for a very long time here at Sixth.

The new twist is that we’re adding a little bit of technology and structure which we expect to make the practice more available and more efficient. We will connect people who have a household task that needs to be completed with people who are willing to help. Think of it as a “dating service” for household tasks!

Here’s how it works:
• The Deacons register Helpers by gathering an inventory of tasks that members of the congregation are willing to assist with and we store that information in a very simple database,
• The Deacons solicit requests from the congregation about household tasks that they could use assistance with,
• The Deacons match the requests to Helpers and put the Helper and the Requester in contact with one another,
• The Helper and the Requester work out a mutually acceptable time for completing the task,
• The task is completed and the Deacons track its closure.

We see this as a wonderful opportunity to continue to build a caring and supportive community here at Sixth!


To sign up as a helper, CLICK HERE

To request help, CLICK HERE.