Capital Campaign

Our Annual and Capital Fundraising Campaigns, “No Turning Back”, are inspired by Luke 9:57-62.

Galilee was Jesus’ home – he could have stayed there and avoided the crucifixion. But instead, Jesus set his face toward Jerusalem, and said, “no one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.”

Why doesn’t Jesus just stay home? Why does he keep moving? What is so special about Jerusalem? Jerusalem is not just an ancient city – it is a place of salvation, where God’s reign is clear, where all creation is restored, and where there are no more tears. It’s home. And we at Sixth restore and refurbish our building with our capital campaign pledges, to show our love for our home, Sixth Presbyterian Church.

Download the Brochure Here.

Here are some quick facts:

Established goal of $580,000
Prioritized projects to renovate our church home:
• Making significant fire safety improvements
• Evaluating and improving electric systems
• Restoring 100-year-old sanctuary windows
• Repairing crumbling concrete steps, walls, and rear patio structuring
• Remedying inadequate handicapped accessibility
• Refinishing worn kitchen interiors, including walls and cabinets
• Improving the Chapel for fellowship and community gatherings
For more on the proposed projects covered in the Capital Campaign, click here.

•Current Successes:
Convened more than a dozen dedicated church members to help raise funds
• Received pre-campaign, “pace-setting” pledges totaling $215,000

Five percent of campaign proceeds will go to local mission outreach:
• More Light: Judah Fellowship,
• Earth Care: Clean Air Council,
• Charity: Wilkinsburg Community Ministry,
• Social Justice: Pittsburgh United,

For questions about the capital campaign:
• Tax questions? Joe Bull, Sixth Church Campaign Consultant, / 614-563-4244
• Corporate Matching Gifts, E-Give, or Stock Transfer questions? Erik Fogt, Finance Chair, / 412-521-2412
• General Questions? Lauren Ward, Capital Campaign Chair, / 412-913-0175.
• Renovation Project Questions? Leslie Kaplan, House Committee Chair, / 412-244-9214
• Mission allocations Questions? Tom Twiss, Church and Community Chair, / 412-921-3470

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have questions or concerns about these fundraising campaigns? Please visit our FAQ at or let us know by submitting your questions (anonymously or otherwise) at the following online form (click here). All questions will be answered via the FAQ at Thank you!