Earth Care Congregation Update – February 2017

Sixth Church and God’s Creation

Please note that if you want to drop off a TV, PLEASE TALK TO KEITH FIRST! The recycler requires a fee, and the person who is dropping off the TV needs to cover that cost.

Sue Koehler, who collects Techno-Trash, says, “I keep track of one of the bins for collecting electronic and techno trash. My bin has been filled to overflowing three times! The most popular items have been charging and power cords and floppy disks (all probably from long-dead devices). We’ve also received a lot of CDs and cassette tapes. They have all been delivered to an electronic recycler.” She adds, ” Continue to bring your techno trash, and please take careful note of the signs on the bins. We’ve received some items NOT ON THE LIST, AND THEY ARE NOT ALL RECYCLABLE.”

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