Presbyterian Women – Monthly Lunch Bunch


Presbyterian Women’s Lunch Bunch meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month except July and August at 11:00 a.m. in the parlor. All are welcome as we cover this year’s Bible Study subject, Come to the Waters by Judy Record Fletcher. Our study in October Life-giving Waters—Baptism, considers the meaning of baptismal waters—for Jesus, the early church, and for our lives today. After each session, we go out for lunch.

Water plays a central role in scripture, from the chaotic waters of creation, to the River of Life in Revelation, where chaos is no more. Sometimes there is too much water (think Noah); sometimes there is too little water (think drought in the desert). In this study, we will explore some of the Bible’s more than 800 references to water, including the delivery of God’s people through the parting of the Red Sea and the crossing of the Jordan River, the judgement of a people weak in faith, and the adoption of the people of God through baptism.

We often take for granted the many ways we use water. Water is a key component in sports and recreation, in agriculture and industry. It is the subject of paintings and poetry, of art and literature. And now, we are beginning to experience of the politics of water through controversies over water rights, and in Pittsburgh, the expense of fixing our old sewers and paying for it through our paying for water.

As humans cannot live without water, Christians cannot live without the Word of God. Water and Word go hand in hand as we strive to live as faithful followers. The study draws our attention to the power of water, its potential , and its effects on our lives and culture. We remember that water is precious and clean water is unavailable to millions of people. Water and Word work together to quench the thirst of our bodies and souls.

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