Public Safety Update

Representatives of the Spiritual Leaders Caucus of PIIN were invited by Mayor Peduto to meet with the Department of Justice to discuss the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice on May 21 and 22.

Pittsburgh is 1 of 6 cities that has been selected for this initiative. Department of Justice team members were impressed with our February 26 Direct Action for Public Safety, where we asked for Chief McLay to make measureable improvements in building police and community relations, recruiting a more diverse force, implementing training to reduce bias, and develop reliable data for tracking progress.

Dr. Tracie Magee, the leader of the Department of Justice team, said, “your work is the most encouraging work we have seen taking place in the country.”

Chief McLay will be meeting on June 23 with representatives from the Spiritual Leaders Caucus to discuss the progress made on the initiatives he agreed to at the February 26 Direct Action for Public Safety.

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