What is the Neighborhood Academy?

Neighborhood Academy

Since 2006 our Church and Community Committee has contributed financial support to this unique school in the Garfield area of the city. (709 N. Aiken Ave. to be exact). In addition, starting in 2008 we began preparing three meals per year for the students and staff and have continued this activity for the past nine years. We have seen the school grow beyond its rental space on Penn Ave. in Garfield with 40-50 students into a new building which accommodates 90-100 students.

Founded in 2001 the NA is a faith-based, college preparatory school serving low-income students in grades 812. The school program encompasses daily worship, an extended 12 hour school day, a college-prep curriculum, small class size and a mandatory six-week summer school. Some current statistics on the student body are the following: 75% have a taxable family income of $25,000 or less and 76% live in single parent dwellings. All NA graduates attend college and 85% of the alumni have graduated in 5 years or less.

During the year we at 6th church are typically preparing three lunches for the NA students, faculty and staff— approximately 100 people. The above photo shows Peter Kaplan distributing Trish Callaway’s brownies to some VERY EAGER STUDENTS on February 3, 2016. Sixth Church has become rather famous for delicious main dishes and these brownies. For each event we need six people to help. Four do the cooking at the church during the morning prior to the lunch period at 11:30 P.M. and two more deliver the food to the school and help with the serving which is complete well before 1 P.M. Some food preparation tasks can be done at home, e.g. the brownies. While we have a faithful group of people who regularly help, we need to expand the pool of potential volunteers.

Another volunteer activity is tutoring in the NA Writing Center. There are two possible weekday times: 12:201:00 P.M. and 6:00-6:45 P.M. Currently, one church member is serving as tutor and usually sees two students during each visit. Please contact Diana Wood (412-363-1097/ [email protected] if interested in either of these activities which support a very special school.

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