Adult Education – Tuesdays This Fall

Please join us on Tuesdays this fall at 7 the Chapel for the following events:

Tuesday, Sept. 22: What We Heard/The Listening Campaign

Join us to hear a report back on what our Listening Team heard in our 94 conversations about 6th this past Spring. Listeners and Session members will facilitate the presentation, and there will be time for questions and answers.

Tuesday, Sept. 29: Women in Pennsylvania

Tara Simmons from the Women and Girl’s Foundation will be with us to share data and facilitate discussion. In 2005 WGF began partnering with the Institute for Women’s Policy Research to examine the status of women in Pennsylvania in five key areas. This year they were able to compare 10 years’ worth of information. Come and learn about the data on our state wage gap, women in poverty and variety of other issues.

Tuesday, Oct. 6: A History of Pride

Join us to kick off LGBTQ History Month and learn about the origins of the national LGBTQ movement in America, Ted Hoover from Persad Pittsburgh will present “A History of Pride.”

Tuesday, Oct. 13: Climate Change

Speaker Rod Elder will discuss the current status of the changing climate. The discussion will include what is happening now, its cause, and what we can do. Elder is an electrical engineer retired from a career in the nuclear reactor and scientific supercomputing field. He is involved in the Citizen’s Climate Lobby, the Sierra Club, and

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