Help Us With Snacks for Fellowship Time After Worship

Hosts Needed for Fellowship Hour!

coffeehour1Looking for an easy way to get involved in the life of Sixth? Then have we got news for you!

Hosting fellowship time after worship is easy breezy (lemon squeezy, as the small people say).

All of us enjoy the Fellowship Hour after church, but only a few of us provide the food for it. We need more volunteers to sign up (on the form on the bulletin Board in the Chapel) to provide snacks.

Occasionally those who sign up provide a generous offering that approximates lunch. This is always a lovely surprise, and not enjoyed without gratitude. However, this can be a daunting precedent to follow, and newbies should please understand that this is NOT the expectation for the post-worship coffee hour. These snacks can be simple finger food that can be held and eaten along with a cup of coffee or juice. It’s a nice idea to provide one sweet offering (perhaps 40-50 cookies) and one savory, such as cheese and crackers, or chips and humus, or something similar. It is fine to forego plates; lunch is not expected. Two bottles of juice are an ample amount. The coffee is made in the Bunn coffee maker in the kitchen. Myra Kazanjian has been making it during the time that the choir is practicing before Sunday school (the coffee in that maker will stay hot for six hours!).

I usually ask someone who shops at Costco to purchase the juice and the coffee. I save the bills and submit them for reimbursement (juice and coffee only). We hope this attempt at clarification will serve to free any hesitation you might have been feeling! Please help us with this and sign up to bring snacks on a Sunday that is convenient for you.

—Millie Barnes

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